About Me

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

The world has been a crazy place as of late, and I’m navigating through it with the help of a lot of friends, matcha, hiking, designing, and surfing. I’m working as a web designer currently, but I’m passionate about more than just the homepage – I love helping clients create a cohesive brand for themselves and their business. I’m in love with the nuance of good design. The way a deeper shade of emerald or more severe serif or slower page transition can all help tell a slightly different story. An online presence isn’t optional anymore, and I take pride in working with clients to help make their corner of the internet the best it can possibly be.

When I’m not daydreaming or designing, you can find me huddled up in a local coffee shop drinking an iced matcha. On my best day, it’s after an hour or two of surfing. No matter what comes next, I only hope that my dreams and designs prove to be as inspiring and resilient as what I’ve seen my fellow humans exhibit throughout this pandemic ❤️